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Gloria: Making Of by khaamar Gloria: Making Of by khaamar
I found a bunch of screencaps I made back then of my work "Gloria" and I thought it pretty much my painting process for most everything.

:bulletyellow: Sketch: First, I begin with a very rough sketch of what I want to do based on a photo I took of my sister. There is nothing wrong on using references especially when you have doubts on how your pose will look like or if it is even anatomically possible. Many sites can help you with this, such as Pose Maniacs or Human Anatomy for Artist;

:bulletyellow: Grayscale: From step 2 to 4, I work the levels/grayscale of the image: on step 2 I work the shape, step 3 the main elements of the image, step 4 detailing those elements;

:bulletyellow: Colors: Step 5 is when the coloring part begins. I start by slapping it some basic colors on overlying layers. The layer blending modes I use the most are: Multiply, Overlay, Soft Light and Hard Light. Next, on step 6, I fix what the previous step might have ruined, such as shadowing/light, give it textures (my main resource is CG Textures) and more detailing. Step 7 more and more detailing until I'm satisfied. Final piece:

Some tips:
:bulletblue: While you are coloring, if you feel like something is not right and/or your eyes are having a hard time to read your piece, take it a screencap and turn it into grayscale. If the grays of your picture are blending too much, then your color choice might not be the best. Try fixing it by using lighter or darker colors or from the opposite range of the color palette you are using.
:bulletblue: Whenever possible, make breaks. This means if you work for hours on a piece, you should take hours or even a day to get back to it again. You will find its flaws and maybe even ways to improve it with a lot less dificulty. Like when you write a text in a hurry, read it 10 times and find no typos and then when you give it to someone else that person finds typos like there's no tomorrow. We have all been there.

Hope this helps someone! If you have any questions, let me know.
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natalie21stone Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for doing this! I am trying to colour a grayscale currently and I just can't get it to look good, so your commentary helps me :D
Melvin-Groenendijk Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Fantastic stuff, just what I needed to get the day started. I hope you do more of these in the future. Thanks!
khaamar Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
That's great (: I hope it helps somehow!
theaboriginalone Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
This is awesome! fav'd!
Sabotslug Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks hon! i really appreciate step by step posts cause i am try to transition from traditional to digital without training. seeing the evolution from sketch to finished piece is great and very helpful.and all the better when i know what caliber of art you produce whether coloring or entirely original
khaamar Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, dear (: Imo this is the most... nowdays' artist friendly method: it's fast and if you need to fix something it's a lot easier than if you're doing a digital painting with the same method you'd use on a traditional one. When you don't have all the time in the world, this method sure does the trick.
Chewikoko Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
Awesome !!O_O How long did you take for make this one ? *sorry for my mistakes !:(*
khaamar Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I don't usually count the time, but I estimate perhaps 6-8 hours on this one. Sometimes I take more, depends on the complexity of the drawing but I tend to keep my drawings simple, I like them that way.
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